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The Coffee Barrier

The Coffee Barrier

There is something brewing at Berry Family Law!


One of the steadfast rules at our firm is that normal office coffee is prohibited, because we have all kinds of delicious coffee on offer and insist you enjoy it with us.


We partnered with the Hamilton-based Meza Café, which supplies our office with café products that deliver an amazing European experience! Some tasty options include vanilla and caramel coffees, hazelnut cappuccinos, flat white lattes and caffeine-loaded espressos, just to name a few. We provide sugar free and non-dairy milk options as well!


This coffee is our office luxury and we enjoy sharing it with friends and clients and watching them enjoy it makes us very happy. Our only problem is, sometimes we order too much and require some help drinking it all while it is still fresh!


When people go through a difficult or challenging time in their life, especially a separation or divorce, sometimes the smallest kindness can make the largest impact in someone’s day. We want to help in every way we can, big and small, and our coffee is just one gesture we provide for some warm comfort.


And, we have a secret weapon! Our Law Clerk, Charles Baker, is a professional cook and baker-pâtissier. Many moons ago, Charles completed the Chef Training Program at George Brown College to pursue his interest in cooking. Then it was off to Niagara where he trained, worked, and obtained his Red Seals as a cook and baker-pâtissier. We are quite confident that we have the most talented coffee making Law Clerk in the 905.


We cannot boast that we have as many coffee drink items as Starbucks, but for a law firm, we certainly are not lacking in options! Perhaps you enjoy a nice bold French roast in the early mornings? Or maybe you want to cut out the middleman (IE water) and stick with the just the “meat” of the coffee and are an espresso (or double espresso!) fan? Be advised, lattes are the office favourite and speciality, as there have been numerous internal discussions regarding how our lattes can hold their own against any local retailer.


Coffee is a major part of societal culture, especially regarding human interaction. It provides a circumstance for quiet reflection or active engagement and conversation, with friends, colleagues or even complete strangers. After more than 15 years as a Family Law lawyer, I discovered that people become much more relaxed and engaged if they are enjoying a (delicious!) cup of coffee, as opposed to sitting in a chair empty handed. It is a great way to break down uncomfortable barriers, while creating an opportunity for two (or more) people to bond and connect.


Once I made this coffee-connection, our goal is not just to have “coffee” available for clients, but amazing coffee to offer, as the conversation will begin to flow almost immediately from “OMG! This is delicious coffee!” to “I am here because…” in large part, because of the coffee in the client’s hands.


At first, a lawyer and client are strangers and the client does not want to waste time and money discussing things that do not have to do with their present circumstance. However, coffee provides a few minutes of reprieve where light chit-chat can take place while both parties are enjoying their beverage. These few minutes are often key to the lawyer and client develop trust and rapport.


It is a wonderful first step in building a strong relationship.


So, come by. The coffee is on us.  


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