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Divorce Cake

Have Cake, For Goodness Sake!

Divorce and separation rank up pretty high on the “worst things in life” metre. At times, the stress is overwhelming and seemingly unbearable and it is just an all around crummy time in your life.


I am a divorcee and have firsthand experience of the burden this process carries into life. I am also a divorce lawyer with more than 15 years of experience and have yet to meet a someone who is genuinely happy while going through this process. (Sure, rarely, at times, there are people who are “relieved” to be getting out of a toxic marriage or relationship, but that is not the same thing as “happy”). It is also a very isolating time and not something you really want to share.


Contrast this to the happiness and the share-ability of a wedding or moving in together.   That is a time of your life you want to celebrate and share with others.


Because divorces and separations can be arduous and go on for months (or sometimes, years!), I tell my clients that they should have something to look forward to, once the process is finally over.


Who doesn’t like cake and a party? Cake is delicious, fun and is a staple of a festive or happy event.


This is why Berry Family Law partnered with master-baker Hana Stec, who can make your  deliciously great and personalized “My Divorce Cake”.  


Once your separation or divorce is final, you get to design your own personalized divorce cake and plan a party. Invite your friends and family over to celebrate the end of one chapter of your life and the beginning of a fresh, new one!


I did this after my divorce and it was a very uplifting experience that helped me close the divorce chapter of my life! 


The words on my divorce cake were “Divorce is expensive, but you’re worth it!” (Yes, that is the old Finesse commercial tag line). The cake tells the story of when I knew my marriage would not work out and how I navigated through that difficult period.


My cake depicted when I realized my (then) husband and I were not going to be together forever, because when I mentioned hiring a cleaning lady, he suggested we go on a hot air balloon ride in Cappadocia, Turkey, to pick the ripest fruit off the top of cherry trees, completely missing the point that I needed help in the here and now.


The cake detailed a deflated hot air balloon with my ex under it, with fruit spilling from the basket. While it was a sad memory, the cake itself was beautifully hilarious and I just couldn’t stop laughing while looking at it.


Of course, each person and experience are unique, so you pick the colours, flavour, accessories and design, for whatever works best for you and what your divorce experience.


Having a My Divorce Cake party is a very sweet way to start anew, along with the memories of laughter you shared with your friends while enjoying the cake at your party, celebrating what dreams may come.

So, have your cake. And eat it too

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